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We are bringing you the best in hair promotions this Spring! Presenting the Ultralook, get a precision cut and deep cleansing shampoo, style dry and receive a bottle of Paul Mitchell’s critically acclaimed awapuhi (AH-WAH-POO-EE) shampoo, yours, free!

Get set for spring with our Ultracuts Color Event, on from April 15th till May 18th. Receive a FREE BC color sulfite-free shampoo and conditioner when you try any of our color services over $65.00 at Ultracuts.

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Winter is here, and girls with curly hair can understandably get a bit nervous. The temperatures drop, the air dries, and your curls can begin to frizz. No need to fret. Naturally curly hair can make for some great fun winter hairstyles if you follow these hair tips.

Reduce the Frizz
If you have curly hair, frizz and poof can be your worst nightmare. Fortunately, there are some things your can do, and can avoid, in order to keep your curls looking defined and sleek as you fit in to the winter hair trends.

Reduce Your Frizz with Ultracuts Hair Products

Get Frizz Control

The key is to keep your hair hydrated. This means using a deep conditioner at least once a week, and using shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products that are meant for your specific hair type. Try not to overload your curls with conditioner and product or you will weigh them down or cause them to look oily.

Secondly, do not do anything that is going to cause your hair to become dry. This means avoiding styling tools that use heat, such as hair dryers, curlers, or flat irons. Also, avoid the urge to wash your hair daily, as this can strip your hair of its natural oils.

Getting the Hottest Looks
You have to learn how to love and embrace your beautiful curls. One way to do that is to find a hair stylist who knows how to work with curly hair. Visit Ultracuts, your Western Canada salon, to have a stylist equip you with the perfect cut for you, and give you valuable hair how-to tips.

Remember when taming your curly hair, less is more. Do not use a blow dryer, do not towel dry, and do not use a brush. Use a large tooth comb to take care of any tangles, lightly apply mouse, anti-frizz serum, or leave in conditioner, and let the natural beauty of your curls do the rest. Visit any Ultracuts location to find all of these products and more to get maximize your beautiful curls.

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Ultracuts Gift CardsThe holiday season is right around the corner. That means rushing around trying to find the perfect gifts for every person on your list. You can make your shopping experience easier, and make your gift recipients very happy by giving the gift of style this year. Visit any Ultracuts location near you to pick up gift cards for your friends, family, coworkers, or neighbours.

Help Your Loved Ones Feel Pampered
Getting your hair cut and styled is not just about keeping your hair healthy, but it can also help you feel relaxed and boost your self-esteem. There are many people on your holiday shopping list that would probably love to go to a salon and get the hottest looks and latest fall and winter hairstyles, but do not want to splurge on these services for themselves right now. You can provide a gift card that will allow them to indulge.

Convenient Locations
Ultracuts is a Western Canada Salon with numerous convenient locations. You can stop by any one of our locations and pick up one or more gift cards. The recipients can then use those gift cards at the Ultracuts that is closest to their homes. Our cards can be purchased at values ranging from $20 to $200. Your friends or family members can use these cards to have their hair cut, coloured, styled, or take advantage of one of our various specials on professional styling and hair care products.

Gift giving is all about making the other person feel loved and appreciated. What better way to accomplish this task than by giving the gift of a luxurious hair makeover? The holiday season can be very joyous and fun, but it can also be stressful. There are likely many people on your shopping list that would greatly appreciate a relaxing day at the salon.

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Having the perfect look as you make a grand entrance at holiday events this year is all about having the perfect outfit, hairstyle, and hair color. The hue of your locks can certainly help you turn heads this holiday season and help you showcase your beauty. The stylists at Ultracuts are ready and waiting to help you conquer the hottest winter hairstyles and looks this season.

The Ombré Hairstyle
The stylists at our Western Canada salon locations are definitely embracing the Ombré style hairstyles this year. This hair color technique involves using rich dark brunette tones on top, and fading down to warmer lighter tones on the tips of the hair. There are two different approaches to this look. Some women are choosing to keep the look natural and using honey brown colors on the hair tips, while others are making more of a bold statement by adding bright colors to the tips of their hair.

Dip Dyed Hair Trends

Jordin Sparks,

Bright Color Trends
More and more women are choosing to stand out by adding a splash of color to their hair this season. While some choose to do all over bright color, similar to Rihanna’s bright red hair, others choose to add a touch of surprise just to the ends of their hair. The same fading technique can be used to add bright purples, pinks, blues, and reds, to the ends of the hair to spice up your look.

These bright colors can provide great ways to compliment your skin tone beautifully and express your bold and fun personality. When making daring color changes to your hair, always seek professional styling to ensure that your winter hairstyle turns out perfectly. If you are ready to make a thrilling change to the color of your hair this season, the stylists at Ultracuts can provide the guidance and expertise you need.

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The professional stylists at Ultracuts will not only cut and color your hair, but our chic Western Canada salon can also provide you with the most fashionable fall hairstyles and winter hairstyles this year. If you’re not quite sure what to do with your hair this season, no need to worry. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable stylists is here to help.

Get your hair done at Ultracuts

A great way to determine which cut, styles, and updo’s will be right for you is to first see what is out there. Feel free to browse the Ultracuts gallery of our hottest looks. If you have an idea of how long you would like your hair –short, medium, or long – you can easily search through categorized photos of styles all within your desired range. Within each category we have all of the hottest trends represented from edgy to soft, and everything in between.

As you browse through our gallery of fashionable hairstyles, it is completely fine if you do not see an exact representation of how you would like your hair to look; the purpose is to allow you to find inspiration. As you look through the photos, look for characteristics of styles that you think would look fantastic on you personally. If you love the length of one cut, but prefer the bangs from another style, you can communicate those desires to your stylist at any of our Ultracuts salons across Western Canada.

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to decide or explain what you would like your end hairstyle to be exactly. Browsing the hottest fall hairstyles and winter hairstyles can help you find the ideas and examples that can certainly help. Whether you are just ready for a change for the season, or need the perfect updo for a special occasion, doing your research to learn what techniques and styles are available can allow you to achieve your ideal look.

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What could be better than exploring exciting new winter hairstyles? How about excellent winter sales and specials Ultracuts products and services? Come visit our Western Canada salon locations this season and take advantage of these sensational monthly promotions.

Swagr for Men Hair Products at Ultracuts November is “Movember” at Ultracuts. Throughout the world, during the month ofNovember, men grow and style their mustaches in order to promote awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer. In order to support this movement, during Movember, our Western Canada salon locations will be providing free mustache trims and collecting for prostate cancer research.

Also during November, all of our Swag’r products will be buy two get one free. Swag’r is a line of professional hair care products, meeting the hair styling needs of men.

Paul Mitchell Hair Products on sale at UltracutsDecember
Professional hair care products make excellent holiday gift ideas. Stock up on professional products for yourself, or for the gift recipients on your list in December at Ultracuts. In December, when you buy one professional product, you can get another product of equal or lesser value at half the price!

Choose from many different product lines, including:

  • Paul Mitchell – Award winning luxury hair care products, including moisturizing and styling products, at affordable prices.
  • Biolage – Salon quality conditioners for color-treated, dry, frizzy, and every other hair type.
  • L’Anza – Professional hair care products that heal and rejuvenate the hair.
  • And many many more salon product to give you the hottest looks!

Urban Rituals Products on Sale at Ultracuts Visit us this January, when you can buy one Urban Ritual product, and receive a second at half price. This line of superb products can give you the renewed healthy hair and winter hairstyles you desire.

Please feel free to stop in at any one of our Western Canada Salon locations to learn more about our ongoing specials and promotions.

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Winter is on its way and with chilly weather ahead why not refresh your look with a new hair colour or hairstyle? We have picked our top 4 looks that are turning heads from the red carpet to the runway. Visit us at any Ultracuts location to get these gorgeous looks!

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Fall has just begun, and that means it is time for fall hairstyles. A new season provides the perfect opportunity for a brand new look. Not sure how to transform your style this fall? Visit your fashionable Western Canada salon, Ultracuts, and consult with professionals. In the meantime, you can checkout the our favourite hair trends for fall.

Zooey Deschanel hairstyle

Blunt Bangs
It would possibly be fair to call Zooey Deschanel the poster child for the adorable blunt bangs look, but many celebrities and women everywhere have begun choosing fashionable fringe just above the eye line this fall. Blunt bangs are simple, many women can pull off the look, but they are somewhat daring. Not to mention, they can instantly shave a few years off your appearance.

Kim Kardashian hairstyle

Slicked-Back Pony-Tails
Pony-tails have long been the woman on the go’s best friend, but this fall they are also becoming fashionable. With the right styling products, you can achieve a super slicked-back look that Kim Kardashian has perfected, and show off your gorgeous facial features.

Get Adele's hairstyle

Retro Bouffant
Adele hasn’t only returned the sounds of generations past, but also the retro bouffant hairstyle. A bouffant is big and bold, yet elegant and classy. This look provides a lot of volume and compliments round faces very nicely. While a bouffant may look quite difficult, they are actually fairly simple to create.

Crave These Styles?
Are you ready to turn just as many heads as the stars this fall? Visit us at Ultracuts, your Western Canada Salon, where our stylists can help you create these hot fall looks for yourself. With our help, you can recreate the fall hairstyles listed here, or any other styles that you would like to rock this season.

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