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Holiday Hair Color Trends

Having the perfect look as you make a grand entrance at holiday events this year is all about having the perfect outfit, hairstyle, and hair color. The hue of your locks can certainly help you turn heads this holiday season and help you showcase your beauty. The stylists at Ultracuts are ready and waiting to help you conquer the hottest winter hairstyles and looks this season.

The Ombré Hairstyle
The stylists at our Western Canada salon locations are definitely embracing the Ombré style hairstyles this year. This hair color technique involves using rich dark brunette tones on top, and fading down to warmer lighter tones on the tips of the hair. There are two different approaches to this look. Some women are choosing to keep the look natural and using honey brown colors on the hair tips, while others are making more of a bold statement by adding bright colors to the tips of their hair.

Dip Dyed Hair Trends

Jordin Sparks,

Bright Color Trends
More and more women are choosing to stand out by adding a splash of color to their hair this season. While some choose to do all over bright color, similar to Rihanna’s bright red hair, others choose to add a touch of surprise just to the ends of their hair. The same fading technique can be used to add bright purples, pinks, blues, and reds, to the ends of the hair to spice up your look.

These bright colors can provide great ways to compliment your skin tone beautifully and express your bold and fun personality. When making daring color changes to your hair, always seek professional styling to ensure that your winter hairstyle turns out perfectly. If you are ready to make a thrilling change to the color of your hair this season, the stylists at Ultracuts can provide the guidance and expertise you need.

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